Each municipality has a specified number of recycling bins mutually agreed upon and approved by the Company and municipality.  Attended trucks or trailers will be used when necessary to handle the volume of extremely busy locations. Using BLIP® (Bin Location Information Program), the Company can visualize each municipality on an interactive map that includes the placed recycling bins, as well as detailed contact information for other potential sites. In addition to tracking each location, BLIP® monitors the load level in each bin. This feature significantly reduces time, fuel, effort and costs for the Company, by automatically generating a roadmap with the most efficient route to those recycling bins that need to be serviced.

FLORIDA Textile Recycling Programs provides local municipalities with a unique opportunity to recycle clothes, shoes and textiles through exclusive municipal contracts.  Together, we help each municipality find additional, much-needed funding while protecting the local environment and optimizing the community’s recycling efforts.  Our services help municipalities address two of their most important challenges: fiscal growth and environmental compliance.